On Forgiveness

At one point in my life I was so full of rage and anger I never thought I could forgive my abusers. In fact I told myself numerous times that I would never forgive my abusers and I really believed that deep down to my core of my being. I hated them and wished for […]

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Life is a Gift

I haven’t written for an extended period of time. I seem to have had a mental block for some reason. Maybe it’s because I just didn’t feel like dealing with anything. I have been working hard to build my self-esteem as I had such a bad outlook on myself. I realized I needed to change […]

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Sleepless Night

I’m starting to think sleep is highly overrated. I’m sick of being up all night. I went to therapy yesterday and a new alter fronted. I think she came out because I was talking about my feelings. I have so much hurt and anger I don’t know what to do with it. My heart is […]

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I haven’t been writing lately and I don’t know if that is good or bad. I have been going through many changes in the past few months. For one thing I have stopped stuffing my feelings with food. I have lost a significant amount of weight already. I’ve also quit smoking pot I want to […]

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One Day at a Time

All I know is I should be writing yet I feel so empty and my mind is blank for once. I promised myself I would write everyday whether I had something on my mind or not. Well actually that’s not true I do have things on my mind but these are things I don’t want […]

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Total Eclipse of my Heart

I have to go to therapy tomorrow and lately when I go I am not even present half of the time and I am anxious.  I don’t know why, I like my therapist but I don’t know how to start a normal conversation with her. I hope I have better luck tomorrow I feel like […]

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Today’s Thoughts

I went to therapy today. I wait two weeks to go and it seemed like I was there for five minutes but it was fifty. It just goes bu really fast. I am trying to remember what we discussed. It is very hard for me to stay present. I keep getting distant and I don’t […]

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